June 2023, Angell Hasman, Canada’s premier luxury real estate brokerage, marked a significant milestone with the launch of its new office in the Tri-Cities area. Led by Jordan and Ashley Sutton, and Jaden Narduzzi, the expansion signifies not only the growth of Angell Hasman as a brokerage but also the enhancement of real estate opportunities within the region.

The team at LYF Real Estate Marketing is thrilled to be part of this exciting journey alongside our clients in the Tri-Cities. The expansion represents more than just growth; it reaffirms Angell Hasman’s commitment to delivering exceptional real estate services to a diverse clientele. We’re excited to continue our deep involvement with the Angell Hasman Brokerage and watch Jordon Sutton & Associates grow in the Tri-Cities.

Congratulations to our friends and clients, Jordan and Ashley Sutton, and Jaden Narduzzi on this remarkable expansion. Here’s to ongoing growth, dedication, and success in the Tri-Cities!