Ten years ago, LYF Marketing was born with a vision to provide a locally-focused online magazine called “Live Young & Free Magazine”. It was an enormous success, highlighting many amazing people, their stories and reaching thousands, including many prominent west coast chains and businesses. This growth led to a pivotal moment: a demand from our clients for expansive services to escalate their businesses. It was at this time that we diversified our services and honed our focus on helping realtors and developers grow in their businesses.

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working alongside some of the industry’s most distinguished professionals, and grow our locally based magazine to a nationally recognized marketing agency for realtors and developers. As we step into the next chapter, we carry forward the experience, the learnings, and the passion that has fuelled our journey so far, ready to embark on new projects, face fresh challenges, and continue delivering top-tier services to our clients.