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Building your new website has never been easier—we build strategic, engaging websites that instantly reinforce credibility and grow your business. Sit back and relax while our team does the work.

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Building A New Website

Building a new website and hiring a web designer, website builder… web developer? Or whatever they’re called can be like pulling teeth. Well it shouldn’t be. Business should be easier and we’re here to help!

It’s tough enough running your business every day, clients, meetings, shipping, receiving, consulting, staffing… we get it. When it comes to managing the growth of your company wouldn’t it be nice to have a little help?

We sure think so. At LYF Marketing we take a holistic approach to web design, SEO, and Social Media marketing.

"We’ll bake you the whole cake not just sell you the sprinkles!"

Intuitive and mobile friendly webs design are the foundation for providing your customers with the best experience possible. But there’s more to a website than web design (really there is). A great website needs great content, like photos, graphics, and keyword rich content better for SEO. To often when you hire a web developer it’s on you to provide your own content. Seriously?

Unless you happen to be a writer, photographer, graphic designer and SEO specialist this is going to be tough. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

A team approach to website design…

When you become a client of LYF Marketing you’ll get your own team (yes TEAM). Your very own account manager, graphic designer, writer, photographer, and web developer. Our team will stay with you along your journey, learning more about your business so we can provide you with better service!

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Website design is the first step in growing your business online, but it’s certainly not the last. Our team will be there month-after-month to help you manage your social media, write blog posts for better SEO, design better marketing material, and even grow your email list!

Our approach to each of our clients is the same; provide all the marketing tools, resources, and advice you need to grow your business in one place.

That’s the LYF Marketing approach to website design.

Don’t you feel better about building your new website? Good. Now let’s get started.

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