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Social media marketing leads to billions of dollars in sales every day (yes billions) by men and women alike from ages 13-65+.

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LYF Marketing Social Media Packages include:

  • Initial consultation/planning session
  • Development of social media accounts
  • 30-minute lifestyle photoshoot
  • Developing and executing your monthly social media ad campaign
  • Posting relevant industry and local news
  • Posting your company’s promotions and special messages
  • Detailed management of all accounts
  • Access to all other LYF Marketing services so we can make your life easier!

Social Media Marketing in Victoria & Vancouver BC

We’re all aware that social media has taken over our world. Millions of people every day use many different social media platforms to share their stories, follow current news and breaking headlines, and consume content that leads to making future purchases.

There are lots of different options for marketing my business. What are the key benefits of social media marketing?

  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty
  • Run targeted ads with real-time results
  • Increase website traffic and search ranking
  • Low cost compared to traditional media like magazines, newspapers, radio, etc.
  • Easy to read analytics that shoe REAL results
  • Ability to target very specific users
  • Build relationships by interacting directly with your fans and potential clients
  • Share your stories and recognize others
  • Opportunity to build your brand and show your culture to all demographics
  • Easy to track your ROI
  • Growing number of users every day

So how does my local business take advantage of social media?

The first step is to meet with our team and access your current business and marketing. We also need to consider your personal and business goals and your overall budget.

Our team will also access the probability of ROI, social media marketing might not be the right tool for your business, we’ll give our honest recommendation.

If social media management is the right fit for your business our team will devise a unique strategy based on your business and our proven techniques.

What social media platforms are best for my business in Victoria and Vancouver?

That’s a great question! We believe that every social media platform has specific benefits that make them unique. We can properly access your business and recommend the right social media platforms that will help you achieve your goals.

A lot of our Social Media Management clients in Victoria & Vancouver BC are having a lot of success with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Have LYF Marketing’s clients been successful with social media marketing?

Absolutely! We see engagement that leads directly to sales every day! Our clients receive comments on posts, direct messages, and referrals from current, past, and potential clients regularly. Our clients are able to reach new audiences or stay in touch with people they may have only had a brief conversation with years ago.

Our real estate clients have some of the best success stories. They receive showing requests, listings, and referrals that lead to millions of dollars in sales every year! We’re so happy that we can provide them the service we do and we’re grateful to be an integral part of their marketing strategy.

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