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If your business does not rank amongst the top search results in its category than you’re leaving thousands if not millions of dollars on the table!

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The value of SEO in Victoria & Vancouver BC

Our Victoria BC SEO and Vancouver BC SEO Service can get your business to the top of Google’s search results and make your company visible to thousands of new potential clients!

We know that customers no longer use a big old phone book when they’re looking for a product or service., word of mouth is still worth its wait in gold but it takes a long time to really grow. There’s lots of other really awesome things we can do reach new customers like social media, SEM, sending email newsletters, direct mailouts, they all are awesome and we can help you figure out which of these are best for your business too.

But there is one thing that every one of us do multiple times each and every day.

Grab our phones or head to our computers and start searching.

And guess what?

92% of the links we click are on the 1st page of Google results.

So where does your business rank?

Getting Started:

We start with a conversation. We need to learn more about your business, your goals, your products and services that make you the most efficient and the most profitable. We call this process the “discovery”. This is crucial in determining the right strategy and often overlooked.

You’ll find when working with LYF Marketing we have a business and profit first focus. The technical side of things simply allows us to execute our strategy. Without great leadership and great strategy you’ll never achieve great results!

From our discovery we’ll develop a list of keywords and phrases based on your goals and from what your potential customers are actually searching for. At this time we may also recommend an SEM or Google Adwords campaign to compliment your our SEO strategy.

The next step is an audit of your website and your competition. We’ll go through your website with a fine-tooth comb and do the same with your competition. After the audit is complete we design a priority based strategy that gets you results in the areas that are most important to your business and profitability.

The last step in getting started is running a local SEO report. Based on the keywords and phrases we determined to be most impactful to your business, we run a report that shows us where your business ranks in Google, Google mobile, and Bing’s results. This gives us a base ranking to start from and we can compare the results month after month to show our progress. You’ll find piece of mind in the transparency and you’ll love seeing your results improve!

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Executing our SEO strategy

Now it’s time to take action! We begin with your location. We’ll begin executing what we call a Local Business Package or sometimes referred to as a Google My Business Package. In this process we complete a Google and Bing business page that includes all of your business details and verify your location. We also register your business in 50 different business listings. You can learn more about this process here.

Next we begin your website SEO overhaul. We‘ll go through each page of your website and add/modify/change content, links, H2 titles, SEO titles, meta descriptions, alt tags and more!

The next step is adding keyword rich, sales driving, and informative content. We won’t call this the last step because it’s really never complete. Based on our SEO strategy we’ll create content for your website pages and blog that not only improve your Victoria BC SEO or Vancouver BC SEO results, but add value and improve the customer experience on your website.

We’ll also use this content to help create quality local backlinks and we can incorporate blog posts into our social media and social ad, and newsletter services that are extremely popular with all of our clients.

With our Victoria BC SEO and Vancouver BC SEO service your search results will improve, your website content will be more informative and richer, and your profits will begin to pile up!

Measuring the results

This all sounds great but how do we know if any of it really works? Well with our local SEO reports and by using Google Analytics we can show you our progress every month. The local SEO reports clearly indicate your search ranking position and whether your ranking is going up or down for each keyword or phrase. Your Google analytics report will show us your overall website traffic, individual page traffic, user acquisition and more. Don’t worry we can help you break all this info down in our monthly meeting.

The proof is in the pudding! (Mmmm pudding)

We’ve doubled and tripled our clients website traffic! Clients like EB Painting, Rogers • Rutledge, and VSL Laboratories have all seen greater than expected results! We’d love to share more of clients success stories and show you where they rank. Click here to book a consultation and we’ll include a search ranking report for your business free!

How long does it take to see results?

You’ll see results in the first 60 days!

Every client and industry is different, level of competition, website structure, are just two of the many factors that go into determining the rate of your results. We can provide determine a more accurate estimate of results after we complete your website audit.

One thing is certain, you should CLEARLY see some improvements almost right away. It may take a considerable amount of time to get the ultimate result if your industry is ultracompetitive but you should be able to see signs of improvement in the first 60 days. If not you may be getting taken advantage of.

Click here to see our clients results from 0-60 days!

Website Design & Social Media

What if I need a new website or my website needs some serious design upgrades?

Your website isn’t mobile friendly? Looking dated? No problem! We happen to build kick-ass websites that suit your businesses needs and budget. Click here to learn more about Victoria BC Website Design and Vancouver BC Website Design services.

I hate to admit it but our company doesn’t do any social media (I know, we’re embarrassed).

That’s okay, we understand! Just like thousands of other businesses you’ve been busy running your business and taking care of your clients. Our team can develop your social media accounts, post regularly to your pages, run ads, and even take photos to share with your fans! Learn more about our Victoria & Vancouver Social Media Service by clicking right here!

I have another question

Ready to Get Started?

Let’s do it!

If you’re ready to get started with our Victoria BC SEO or Vancouver BC SEO Service and see your sales take-off then get in touch and book your free consultation NOW!

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