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We use our clients business photos and headshots in every aspect of their marketing so we make sure they’re always up to date and looking their best.

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Photography Victoria BC & Vancouver BC

Our Victoria BC SEO and Vancouver BC SEO Service can get your business to the top of Google’s search results and make your company visible to thousands of new potential clients!

Yes, we provide our clients in Victoria BC and Vancouver BC lifestyle business photos as a part of their regular service.

You should look your best right?

We think so.

So when you become a client at LYF Marketing expect an awesome photoshoot to kick things off!

Now if you need company wide photos, project photography, staging, and of course campaign photography we’re right here for you.

Our team will handle all of the planning and logistics for your business photos whatever they might be. We even work with skilled make-up artists and hairstylist… we can even handle your wardrobe!

Time to schedule some business photos or headshots? Want to learn more about our commercial photography services in Victoria BC and Vancouver BC? Click here to get in touch!

Are LYF Marketing’s photographers the right style for business?

We work with 5-7 photographers on our roster at all times. We’ll pick the right photographer for your business, style, and branding to get the look you want.

When you work with LYF Marketing your business photos will be fun and something you’re proud of.

What makes LYF Marketing’s photography services in Victoria and Vancouver BC so great?

It starts with the planning. Once we have a firm understanding of your business, style, and objectives we can assign the right photographer for your needs. Secondly, you have a team that understands the overall objective for your photoshoot and can handle the logistics so no details are overlooked.

Can LYF Marketing take photos for my website and Google Business page?

Heck yeah we can! Not only can we take your photos but we can build you an entire website or setup your Google Business page. If you’d like to learn more about our web design services in Victoria BC and Vancouver BC click here. If you need some help with SEO in Victoria and Vancouver BC or setting up your Google Business page click here.

Does LYF marketing offer drone photography in Victoria and Vancouver BC?

Yes we absolutely do! Our drone photography team is FAA certified and will pull the necessary permits to shoot at your location. Our drone service offers both drone video production and photography in Victoria and Vancouver BC. Please inquire for more details.

Service You Can Trust

Like all of our services at LYF Marketing we guarantee the quality of our work. You’ll have piece of mind knowing that our offices are open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm so you can walk in any time if have a question, you’ll never have to worry about a disappearing photographer again.

Our photos are edited and delivered to our clients satisfaction within 10 business days.

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More FAQ’s

Do you handle real estate photography and floor plans?

Many of our clients are realtors, developers, and mortgage brokers, and yes we take their business photos, project photos, office photos, etc. We don’t offer real estate listing photos and floor plans as a regular service. We can definitely make an exception in special cases.

Can LYF Marketing take my family photos?

Wow we’re so honoured you would ask! We don’t offer that service but we’d be happy to recommend one of our team members for a private session.

Does LYF Marketing offer event photography in Victoria BC or Vancouver BC?

We’d be more than happy to take photos at any of our clients special events! All you have to do is ask!

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